Andrew Joseph Vincent Kaminski is from the planet Blorg (New York). He recieved his MFA from the City College of New York. He has spent the majority of his life breathing. He swims copious amount of laps for one hour a day Monday through Friday. He chose a life of sobreity and wellness when the lackadaisical approach to becoming an accomplished artist wasn’t yielding the lifestyle he envisioned. Kaminski attributes swimming and art to his healing process after he purportedly left his body and joined the company of other sentient light beings. He realized he had to return to the earthly realm to deliver a message of encouragement to access free and unhindered expression. His interest in other realms of thinking and creativity have led him to 8 hour meditation sessions in a mango forest in Thailand, wandering the streets of Little India in Singapore, and trekking across the State of California without a cell phone or the typical contents of an American wallet. He currently runs a gallery called Chrysalis in the town Jimmy Fallon grew up in. He believes that authentic spontaneity will help everyone relax and absorb the marvels of existence. He currently works as a recovery specialist for People, Inc, helping other spirits return to their physical body after endurring the trials and tribulations of being “far out.” He relentlessly believes in peace on Earth, and sharing the unique experience of every life to create a world rich with vibrant voices and a mutual respect for both the coherent and the ridiculous.
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